Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wedding Shoes: The Decision

So I finally bit the proverbial bullet and got myself some wedding shoes!  (Because obviously this needs to be done 7 months (HOLY BEEJUS ONLY 7 MONTHS LEFT?!) in advance.  I didn't end up going with any of the shoes I drooled over.  Instead, this was a impulse buy at the outlet mall with my mom.

Let me introduce y'all to my beauties:

These babies were $35 at Charlotte Russe.  And I know what y'all are thinking: Aren't I an adult?  Why am I shopping at Charlotte Russe?  This isn't prom a middle school formal.

My response?  The were $35 and I love them.  

In person they are SUPER sparkly and a "multicolor" that is heavy on the purple and silver.  
Awkward Droid photo.  Please notice my "fat big toe wrinkles."  My mom is going to insist they are photoshopped out of any cute "feet/heels" pics at the wedding. We thought maybe the shoes were doing it, but no.  My feet are just real real fat.

The only downside is that they really aren't purple enough.  I recently saw a tutorial on Pinterest on how to glitter-ify a pair of boots.  Ashley Murphy at Golden. Divine. totally killed it.  In the words of that other Rachel, "I die."

Ideally I'll just spray a little glue adhesive on the shoes and sprinkle them with more purple/pewter/silver glitter, touch up as necessary, and BAM! I'll have the perfect shoe.  

Did I mention they are over 5.5 inches high?  I literally breathe a different air when I wear them.  If I put just one shoe on, I can almost touch the ground with my other foot.  This is just one of the many perks of marrying a really, really tall man - he can also reach the cereal at the back of the top shelf at the grocery store... you know, instead of scaling the shelves and receiving dirty looks from old people... like I did yesterday.

One of my bridesmaids (who obviously does not read my blog, but I'll forgive her because she's in med school and will have to deal with 1am phone calls from me when I'm a parent) was surprised by my choice.  She said that "I was definitely expecting something more cream and silky."  Oh no my friend.  If no one can see my shoes, I'm going to wear what I want.  and I want sparkle.  What did you think I'd end up with?  

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