Sunday, June 24, 2012


What is a PWC?  Let me tell you.  If you're a wedding obsessed, reading, pinterest-scouring bride you know that a PWC is a post-wedding cut, referring to hair.  Most brides have to grow their hair out for that magnificent wedding style.  My hair took about three hours to do, but I'll tell you about then when I review Unique Chic, the salon I went to.

This is about my hair today and tomorrow.

I have super long, super straight blond hair.  Chicks at Woodstock would have killed for my hair.  Check it out in the engagement pic:

I've trimmed it once since then, but it's currently at least that long and maybe a little blonder bc it's summer.  (I mean, allegedly it's currently summer, but I refuse to call it that until I've been to the beach at least once.)  

My volunteers called me the old, married lady, but I am feeling very 17-year-old high school student because of my hair.  It's long, boring, and a little ridic.  It doesn't hold a curl, has never been dyed, and is mostly all one length.  I've been considering some low-maintenance options (though I'd seriously think about some mid-level maintenance options as well.)  

Here's what my sister and I have come up with so far:


I'm seriously concerned about this because my hair has been pretty long my whole life.  People probably consider the above photos to be "long hair" but they look a little short to me.    Also I think all those girls have natural wave in their hair.  (Bitches.)  How hard would it be for me to add any volume/movement/curl/etc.?  

I also am considering the whole ombre trend because if I don't like it I can always just cut off the ends or wait for it to grow out.  Right?  

Seriously, what should I do?  

Haircut goals:
  • I want to look more professional with out necessarily looking considerably older.  
  • I want to know how to make my hair look salon good.  My concern is I'll look great leaving the salon, but never be able to get my hair to even remotely resemble that style again.  I guess I need a stylist/instructor.
  • I want my hair to still be a little long
  • I don't want to make any major decisions about dye
  • I want my hair to look "done" not "I just walked out of the shower and didn't do anything" look I'm dealing with now.  
  • I need to be able to put it back in a ponytail
  • I want to happy with how I look and still feel like I look like me.  (ie. No Emma Watson pixie-cut shenanigans.) 
  • I want Luis to still be happy with my long, blond hair.  When I told him I wanted to cut it, he held up his finger about 1 cm apart and said "this much, right? only that much"

Please feel free to advise. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Reviews: DJ Roo

Obviously we worked with several venders during the course of our wedding. We had serious discussions with two caterers, two photographers, several venues, a seamstress, a handle of dress shops, florists, and one DJ. Si any one else just start humming the 12 Days of Christmas in their head? Because I totally did. Over the next month or so I will try to write detailed reviews of each vender we seriously considered, why they beat out the competition, and how satisfied we were.

Here's a list of who made the final cut in the order they will be reviewed:

- DJ Roo: ceremony and reception music, master of ceremonies
- Caroline Street Catering (cocktail hour, dinner, bar service)
- Rock Hill Plantation House: ceremony and reception venue
- Sam's Club and Costco: bulk flowers, etc.
- Chad Ainsworth Photography: engagement and wedding photographer
- Paper goods from Michaels, Vistaprint, and Staples
- Craigslist (not a vender but still useful)
- yup! I got my dress online from a girl who decided she didn't like it anymore
- Misc. online orders including

I'll add more to this as I think about.

I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So help me God.

First up: DJ Roo

I WISH I had a photo of him.  Instead I'll show you this picture instead:

If you know me at all, you know I don't dance.  If you can see the above picture, you recognize the fact that I am white.... really, really, rhythmlessly, two left-footed white.  I don't sing either.  All musical ability was passed on to my sister.  But DJ Roo was AH-MAZING.  The right amount of every type of music at exactly the right time.   

 I just listened to whatever he told me to do, because not only do I lack rhythm, I'm pretty sure I lack any decent taste in music.  Seriously, my sister just gives me music and suggests bands that I'll like.  It works for me. 

Not only did I totally trust him with the ceremony and reception music, but I left the timing of the wedding events up to him.  He was the Master of Ceremonies (I think that's what it's called when he introduces everyone and tells you when it's time to cut the cake at least.)   He knew I was nervous about dancing and being the center of attention in general, and encouraged me to get difficult things (like the first dance) out of the way early. I gave him so little direction - which I feel a little bad about because I'm sure it created more work for him - but he was just so good at everything.   He's classy, appropriately funny, and incredibly talented.  

Luis and I danced to Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling in Love" because 1) it was the only thing we could both agree on and 2: these lines from the lyrics:

Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I can't help falling in love with you

I'd like a take a time out to give Luis huge amounts of kudos for being so awesome during our first dance.   I was 100% over the moon happy and smiling the whole wedding - the only time I really cried was during our dance.  I totally broke down for just a minute.  It was like all the seriousness and importance of the day was crushed into the first minute of the song and I lost it.  Luis made me laugh and just kept talking the whole time.  He knew that I was insanely nervous and self conscious about dancing soberly in front of other people almost everyone I know.  You know you picked a keeper when a guy can take you from ugly crying back to sparkly bride in just one song.  

My Dad and I danced to the main theme from "Beauty and the Beast,"just like we did when I was little.  

I love dancing with my Dad.  He's an amazing dancer, but will never admit to it.  We've been dancing together for a looooooong time so you can trust my expert opinion.

 Belle and the Beast did the move in the picture above and I used to think it was the best part of the whole dance - it still is!

I don't know the name of the song Luis and his mom danced to but it was super sweet.  She picked it out and we gave it to DJ Roo on a CD.

Please enjoy the ridiculous pictures below.  We were some dancin' fools.  All. Night. Long.

I WISH I knew what was going on in the pictures below.  Those boys are pumped.

A DJ can absolutely make or break your wedding.  If you have the opportunity PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE choose DJ Roo.  It will be one of the best decisions you will make.  Trust him absolutely and you will have zero regrets - especially about his fees.  They are more than reasonable and he is worth every single penny.  

All photos by Chad Ainsworth Photography and all rights belong to me.  It's in the contract bitches.  

Friday, June 15, 2012

T-2 hours

My pro photos are officially due today. They should be here in the next two hours. I hope.

In an effort to distract myself from the physically painful waiting period I've decided to let you all know about how our financial planning meeting went. The meeting was ok - it mostly focused on long term life insurance for Luis, which is kind of terrifying but also really boring. Basically we need to get him insurance that will give us what is essentially a "cash back" option that can we can use if he doesn't die.

The best part of the whole meeting was that it forced us to take a good look at our finances. We went trough credit cards, student loans, car payments, gross monthly income, insurance, and, most importantly, our goals. They are as follows:

Year one:
Ensure we don't have credit card debt (super super important)
Save money for a down payment on a house
Establish a good system for paying off my student loans

Year two:
Be living in a house we purchased
Be actively contributing to our savings and retirement plans
Save $$ for a big, international trip to somewhere (suggestions please!)
Buy Luis a new car

Year three:
Start saving for our family's future
Save a decent percentage of our income
Be comfortable enough to do house renovations
Go on a smaller vacation (beach house!?)

Ongoing goals include remaining "bad debt" free by paying off all credit cards and things like that very month and being focused on long term savings goals. Let's face it people! Pensions, social security, and basic retirement plans are shrinking down to nothing. They may not even be options for us. I don't want to burden our future children (at least not financially after we're retired, emotional burdens are likely unavoidable) and want to be independent and secure. Most of my grandparents are reaching some pretty impressive ages (90+!) so I'm thinking y'all could be stuck with me on this planet for a loooooonggggg time. I want to ensure that A) I die before Luis and B) no one is worried about how they're going to pay for my funeral when it does happen.

Moral Of the Story: get your shit together now so you can be a cruise-taking, Mercedes driving senior citizen in the future who has no mortgage and zero debts.

Here is one of my new favorite photos from the wedding: (thanks for snapping this Michelle!)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Post-wedding wrap up

I'm so frustrated that I haven't received my wedding pictures yet that I'm back to blogging. Technically my photographer has about 4 days left wore they're due and I know that he's been shooting a ton of weddings lately. I would send him an email and just ask for estimate on how much longer I'll be waiting, refresher my browser to see if he's posted a blog/Facebook sneak peek, but I don't want him to think in impatient and rush the editing process to make me happy. PARADOX.

So here I am. A very happily, though also very impatient, married woman. Being married is awesome. The first time Luis introduced me as his wife to a coworker I about peed my pants and couldn't stop beaming for several hours. I can honestly say I enjoyed my wedding so do much. I can't remember a day when I was happier, felt more loved, or laughed/smiled/hugged/kissed more. Seeing almost all of my friends an family together (there were a few very missed people, especially my little and her twin) made me so proud that I was surrounded by them on such an important day in my life. I literally could not believe that so many wonderful people would travel so far out of love for Luis and me.

But seriously, I was on some kind of bridal crack for my entire wedding. Being drunk on happiness is absolutely amazing. I hope brides are even half as happy as I was on my wedding day because it would still be the best day of their lives. Geez. Apparently marriage has caused me to gush. Whatever.

There are lots of fun things to talk about. One of the primary reasons why I stopped blogging (behind a significant lack of time) was that I was our guests to be surprised. I didn't want them to know about the candy bar or awesome seating system I used. The open bar, programs, and awesome monogram at the alter also needed to be kept under wraps. I DEFINITELY didn't want to share information about my dress (purchased online) or my hair.

I promise as soon as I get those pictures back I'll get the how to's, recaps, and play-by-plays started. And even though it was THE BEST DAY EVER there are a few SNAFUS to cover as well. Highlights include a sliding cake, stumble in the aisle, and forgotten items.... Like the groom's pants.

Buckle up and get excited! Also, was wait patiently and pray my photographer has some free time an is inspired to spend it editing.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Awkward invitations. So awkward.

When most brides talk about invitations that get very misty eyed and start saying nonsense words like "letterpress" and "gauzy insert." I'm not entirely sure what a "gauzy insert" is but it sounds very kinky or like a medical euphemism. Not something I want associated with my invitations.

To me, invitations are just expensive pieces of paper that tell you pretty much what my save the dates said.

Namely, that you and maybe your family is invited to our wedding, please check our website. It might include a few more details, but that's pretty much it. I got our invitations at Michaels and used 40% off coupons. If I remember correctly, the cashier very kindly let us use the same coupon like three times as my mom,sister, and I each bought a box. (This is highly unusual as all Michaels employees are known to fall into one of three categories: judgy bitch, superior senior, and unhelpful teenager.)

Anyways, I refuse to spend a chunk of my budget on paper that people will probably just throw out. (Recycle them please!!!) I don't think people will look at my invitations and wedding decor and say "how those greens don't match exactly" nor do I think that my guests will receive the invitation and immediately think "what!? An invitation with me gauzy insert! I'm not going to this cheapass wedding!"

The worst part of invitations is deciding what they say. I copied the standard text from the example invitation on the front of the box, but that was quickly nixed. Because I don't care why they say I'll let the parents decide this one. This is a pick-your-battles type of situation and since I simply couldn't care less what variation of "please come to our wedding, have a great dinner and enjoy the lawn games and open bar" gets slapped on these knock-offs from Michaels say, I'm happy to let some one else pick.

PS: One of the greatest benefits of a family style meal is not needing to keep track of who ordered what. It follows the same rule my childhood family dinners did: eat what's one your plate or go hungry. No delicious cupcake or candy buffet favors for you.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Walking Dead

Yeah I was going to write a blog post tonight, but then I found a website that's live streaming the new episode of the Walking Dead.  I. Love. Technology.

Here's a list of TV shows I watch:

-The Walking Dead Watch it.  Terrifyingly great.  You'll become obsessed despite the nightmares.

-Downton Abbey Both seasons in one week.  Can you say addict?

-Teen Mom (2)  I know you're judging

-Grey's Anatomy  Yeah, I still watch this.

-30 Rock Funniest Show on TV.  If you don't agree, we're not really friends.

-Modern Family  I just got into this so I'm catching up.  Second funniest show on TV

-Nurse Jackie Black humor awesomeness

-Weeds Will this show ever end?  I just want to know if you-know-what happened to you-know-who

-Mad Man  I'm struggling to get through the boring seasons.  

-Game of Thrones  It's so nerdy and awesome. 

I rarely actually watch any of the shows when they air.  DVR, iTunes, and etc. are my enablers.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Double Digits

We're finally in double digits y'all!!!  

Have a cupcake to celebrate

And then breathe into a paper bag so you don't hyperventilate and die.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I promise this isn't from my iPhone

... you know... because I have one of those now!  (PS someone please suggest a great cover/case that is not an otterbox.  Mine broke and I want something fun.)   If you haven't been enjoying my sporadic, post-bar mobile phone, have no fear - regular posting is back.

I went through a wonderful (snicker) period of time where I just couldn't focus on anything wedding related.  In the past few months I've changed jobs, finished three classes, completed my graduate seminar, started my last class, been invited to present my graduate seminar project with my group at a conference, celebrated all the standard winter holidays, moved, furnished our apartment, and tried to decorate and organize and reorganize again.  My time simply disappeared into a vortex of change.

Just as a heads up - this is not the way to do things.  I really, honestly thought that I had things under control and that everything would get done and it would all be fine.

And then the universe overheard that mantra playing in my head and decided to have a little fun at my expense.

A few tears, a cupcake, and a KILLER pair of new shoes later, I think I'm ready to take some serious steps forward.  Considering my new shoes look like this:
Those are some serious steps!  

The first thing was to start my new job.  I worked for about two weeks, then spent two weeks with some fabulous people at my graduate seminar (HI GROUP 4!!) and then had to come back to work and relearn everything.  But I love it.  Working for my dream organization with awesome coworkers? And I get paid? WIN.

Next, I started working on our apartment.  We stole permanently borrowed these chairs:

Invested in some 50% off frames and free pilot's instruction manual from the 1960's to improve the bedroom:

Bought some $2 Urban Outfitters plates for the kitchen.  Decided we're having a RED kitchen for at least the next 50 years.  

Bought a nasty $20 craigslist dining room set that looked like this:

Refinished the chairs with $15 worth of Ikea fabric so they look like this now:

Most importantly, I 100% embraced the fact that I am my mother's daughter and hung what feels like a million hearts for Valentine's Day.  

Ironically my sister posted this photo of her apartment's decorations on the same day:
Greiner Women <3  

I'd show you more of our apartment, but there's not really much more to it!  Making our apartment feel like our home has been incredibly helpful.  I love having something that's ours (even if its rented!) 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Omg omg omg

Where did the time go? My friend just Posted a link to my blog in her recent post and I was suddenly reminded that I actually have a blog. That really needs to be updated.

You should entertain yourself with the Wordpress blog I kept for school: while I frantically write some posts and upload pictures.

...I'm do bad at this.