Friday, October 14, 2011

Davids Bridal Called Me Fat: A play in three acts by Rachel

Because I'll have few updates for you until November, here is the story of how David's Bridal called me fat.  It's a lively tale - you'll laugh, cry, and be generally shocked by DB's poor customer service.

Act 1
My mom and sister kindly agreed to go wedding dress shopping with me while my sister was home from college on break last spring.  Like most brides, I was terrified and excited - like a kindergartener before the first day of school I tried not to throw-up from the weird combination of emotions.  I carefully planned my outfit for the next day of shopping (even remembering to wear totally unnecessary nude undies) and went to sleep with visions of wedding gowns dancing in my head.

The next morning nervousness had settled in the pit of my stomach next to my coffee and cereal.  I tried to prepare myself for the tiny bridal sizes.  My clothes range from 4-8 in pant size and tops can be a Small of Medium.  I've watched enough "Say Yes to the Dress" to know that this could mean I could possibly need up to 12 in some wedding styles.  It sucks, but that's the way it is and I was determined to focus on FIT and not the numbers.  Repeating this over and over on the ride to Richmond slowly, but successfully, dissolved the knots in my stomach into butterflies.


The plan was to go to Bridal Shop #1, have lunch, hit up David's Bridal, and then move on the Bridal Shop #2.  We had no intention of buying anything, because I was still planning on attending Running of the Brides in a few weeks.  Our goal to was to figure out sizes, what styles I liked/looked good in, and possible pick out a back-up if ROTB didn't work out.   We had appointments at all three shops, so we weren't worried - we had a schedule.

Bridal Shop #1 was gorgeous and we were immediately greeted by Phyllis who would be my consultant.  I explained to her what style I was looking for and also showed her the photo of My Dream Dress.  Now My Dream Dress (MDD) was terribly out of my price range, but I was hoping she could show us similar, less expensive alternatives.  I don't have any photos from Bridal Shop #1, but here are a few of the dresses I tried on:


I tried on about 10 dresses, and was eventually convinced to just go ahead and try on MDD: Priscilla of Boston's Morgan.  


Of course I loved it, but I was relieved that I didn't feel like I needed to have it.  With a $3000+ price tag it was just simply wasn't worth it to me.  Now that PoB is closing, I'm glad this didn't end up being my dress!  We left Bridal Shop #1 feeling confident, having seen at least two dresses that I could afford AND would feel beautiful walking down the aisle in. 

 Lunch was up next.  Obviously we went to Jimmy John's because it's delicious, fast, and the day-old bread is 50 cents.  After eating my ENTIRE Totally Tuna sub, we headed over to David's Bridal.  Cue the scary music.  

To be continued...

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  1. I found your blog looking for real life brides wearing the WToo Mimi dress, but I really like the the first dress you posted on here. Do you happen to remember where you saw it, the brand etc?