Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shit my husband says

Watching basketball: He traveled like a muthahfuckahhh. He took a skip and a hop and then a hop skip.

He also just said the Florida Gators men's basketball team wasn't a number one sees team. I told him to shut his dirty mouth.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Husbands say the darnedest things...

Luis says some funny funny shit. He's so sweet that I think people don't expect it. And he's so big that sometimes I think they're afraid he's being serious.

For example:

Me: I don't really "get" couples massages. Why would some one want to watch another woman rub down their spouse? Isn't that kind of weird?
Luis: yeah... Why would a husband want to watch another woman massage his wife. Not me. 😑
Me: ooohhhhhhhhhh

This happens all the time. Maybe I'm a walking punch line.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tap tap tap. Is this thing on?

Ohaiiii blogger. Just thought I'd drop in and give a little life update. Mate this will turn in to a habit, maybe it won't. We'll see.

Since we got married a ton of stuff has happened:

We got married, I graduated with my Masters degree from Johns Hopkins, and then suddenly the month was over.

I don't even remember anything interesting happening. Sorry.

Luis worked on the Fourth so I volunteered to do so too. I watched the fireworks at the National Mall from my car as I drove home.

We moved to Falls Church. My commute to Chantilly was getting to be wayyy too much and the parking the Glover Park was just awful. We have more space, parking spaces, and are right next to Fe metro. Fun city spot? Not so much but we like it.

We honeymooned in Jamaica! Amazing. We're never going on a cruise again. The resort was under construction (they were just painting exteriors while we were there) so we got an awesome deal and it was basically empty. Because it was all inclusive we don't have to worry about a thing and just say by the infirmity pool all day, drinking, eating, and staring at the beautiful ocean.

I don't remember anything about this month either.

We celebrated Luis's birthday at Fogo de Chao and I think Luis would like to make birthday Brazilian steak house dinners a tradition. I applied for a new job (better pay, better hours) and was interviewed one Thursday and offered the job Friday morning. Obviously I accepted!

I started my new job which was a sudden change for Luis and me. We have less days off together but more time in the evenings together so it works! Luis had to work pretty much every holiday so we did Christmas at my parents house so he could commute back and forth and still celebrate in the evenings. Our friend Kelsey and her room mates hosted New Years - so fun.

We had an inaugural ball at my work that was amazing! Definitely a weird way to start a new job but baptism by fire is honestly my style anyways. We almost bought a puppy, but considering we live in an apartment with a no-dog lease, it's a pretty good thing we didn't. But his name was Atlas and I almost cried leaving him. I hope he lives with a rich family with a big backyard.

It isn't over yet. But so far, so good.