Saturday, October 15, 2011

Act 2: The One Where I'm Insulted

Ok so we roll up to David's Bridal a few minutes before my appointment and excitedly realize that we're the first appointment of the day!  (We know this because we initially panicked because the shop wasn't open at all at first - no worries though, they just open later on that day.)

***Let me take a moment here to explain I'm not a huge fan of David's in general.  It seems... well... cheap.  But let's face it: I'm a bride on a budget and not afraid to admit it.  I love a deal and knew that a trip to the Cheap-O-Mart of wedding dresses could really pay off.***

After checking in, we were instructed to peruse the racks and pull whatever we like while my consultant, we'll call her Becky, went to find a few dresses I specifically wanted to try on.  This is where the day took a serious nose dive.

Here was the exchange between Becky and me:

Becky:YAY! You're getting married!

Me: Thanks for the enthusiasm, but please calm the eff down.

Becky:  What's your theme?  When's the big day?  What don't you like?   How serious are you about purchasing today?  What styles do you like?  What size are you? in pants? Have you tried on dresses before?  What's your budget?  Is that your mom? 

Me:  Heaven help me.  No theme, green and purple, May 18th, Yes - I tried them on at David's Bridal in Springfield on a whim when purchasing a color sample, and I'm a 6-8 in pants, but when I tried on dresses I was a size 4-6. 

Becky: No you'll be a 10.  

Me: But I -

Becky: At least a 10.  Probably a 12.  

Me: No, I've tried on dresses befo-

Becky:  Honey, these are wedding dresses.  They run much smaller than street size.  Trust me.

Me: In Springfield's David's Bridal, I needed a four.  I had to hold up the six.

Becky:  Well, I'll get you an 8.  I don't want your feelings to be hurt when it doesn't fit though.  Because these are wedding dresses and they run much smaller than street size.  I know, because I can see how fat you are.  

Me: What?

Becky:  Fat and stupid.  Go pull dresses!  Have fun!  I'll pull these dresses in your real size.  


Umm what just happened here?  

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