Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Can't we just have pizza?

I (finally) scheduled our tasting for November 11 with Caroline Street Catering.  I'll be honest with y'all.  I'm super nervous.  What?  Me? Nervous about food?  Yeah, this rarely happens seeing as I love 99% of all foods in often too-large quantities.  What it really comes down to is this:  our venue will only allow two caterers.  The cost of one caterer's services will ruin our budget.  The other will not.  Basically if this caterer sucks, I'm at a total loss.

But consider this Caroline Street's food looks like this:

(I'm pretty sure these photos are from their mashed potato martini serving station.  Which we will obviously be having.) 

....we should be totally fine.  Right?!

Luis and my parents will be coming with me.  Please keep your fingers crossed that we all live the tasting happy, full, and excited.  

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  1. Good luck! Can i come??? those potaters look DELICIOUS and i want to eat ten pounds of them