Thursday, February 16, 2012

Awkward invitations. So awkward.

When most brides talk about invitations that get very misty eyed and start saying nonsense words like "letterpress" and "gauzy insert." I'm not entirely sure what a "gauzy insert" is but it sounds very kinky or like a medical euphemism. Not something I want associated with my invitations.

To me, invitations are just expensive pieces of paper that tell you pretty much what my save the dates said.

Namely, that you and maybe your family is invited to our wedding, please check our website. It might include a few more details, but that's pretty much it. I got our invitations at Michaels and used 40% off coupons. If I remember correctly, the cashier very kindly let us use the same coupon like three times as my mom,sister, and I each bought a box. (This is highly unusual as all Michaels employees are known to fall into one of three categories: judgy bitch, superior senior, and unhelpful teenager.)

Anyways, I refuse to spend a chunk of my budget on paper that people will probably just throw out. (Recycle them please!!!) I don't think people will look at my invitations and wedding decor and say "how those greens don't match exactly" nor do I think that my guests will receive the invitation and immediately think "what!? An invitation with me gauzy insert! I'm not going to this cheapass wedding!"

The worst part of invitations is deciding what they say. I copied the standard text from the example invitation on the front of the box, but that was quickly nixed. Because I don't care why they say I'll let the parents decide this one. This is a pick-your-battles type of situation and since I simply couldn't care less what variation of "please come to our wedding, have a great dinner and enjoy the lawn games and open bar" gets slapped on these knock-offs from Michaels say, I'm happy to let some one else pick.

PS: One of the greatest benefits of a family style meal is not needing to keep track of who ordered what. It follows the same rule my childhood family dinners did: eat what's one your plate or go hungry. No delicious cupcake or candy buffet favors for you.

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