Sunday, June 24, 2012


What is a PWC?  Let me tell you.  If you're a wedding obsessed, reading, pinterest-scouring bride you know that a PWC is a post-wedding cut, referring to hair.  Most brides have to grow their hair out for that magnificent wedding style.  My hair took about three hours to do, but I'll tell you about then when I review Unique Chic, the salon I went to.

This is about my hair today and tomorrow.

I have super long, super straight blond hair.  Chicks at Woodstock would have killed for my hair.  Check it out in the engagement pic:

I've trimmed it once since then, but it's currently at least that long and maybe a little blonder bc it's summer.  (I mean, allegedly it's currently summer, but I refuse to call it that until I've been to the beach at least once.)  

My volunteers called me the old, married lady, but I am feeling very 17-year-old high school student because of my hair.  It's long, boring, and a little ridic.  It doesn't hold a curl, has never been dyed, and is mostly all one length.  I've been considering some low-maintenance options (though I'd seriously think about some mid-level maintenance options as well.)  

Here's what my sister and I have come up with so far:


I'm seriously concerned about this because my hair has been pretty long my whole life.  People probably consider the above photos to be "long hair" but they look a little short to me.    Also I think all those girls have natural wave in their hair.  (Bitches.)  How hard would it be for me to add any volume/movement/curl/etc.?  

I also am considering the whole ombre trend because if I don't like it I can always just cut off the ends or wait for it to grow out.  Right?  

Seriously, what should I do?  

Haircut goals:
  • I want to look more professional with out necessarily looking considerably older.  
  • I want to know how to make my hair look salon good.  My concern is I'll look great leaving the salon, but never be able to get my hair to even remotely resemble that style again.  I guess I need a stylist/instructor.
  • I want my hair to still be a little long
  • I don't want to make any major decisions about dye
  • I want my hair to look "done" not "I just walked out of the shower and didn't do anything" look I'm dealing with now.  
  • I need to be able to put it back in a ponytail
  • I want to happy with how I look and still feel like I look like me.  (ie. No Emma Watson pixie-cut shenanigans.) 
  • I want Luis to still be happy with my long, blond hair.  When I told him I wanted to cut it, he held up his finger about 1 cm apart and said "this much, right? only that much"

Please feel free to advise. 

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  1. haha, it's amazing how many newliweds chop their hair off. I didn't do it, and I'm glad I didn't chop it off. The pictures aren't loading for some reason, but I'm picturing it in my head. My hair in high school was horrible, really long mega thick and frizzy and gross. I had no idea how to take care of it other than straighten it. The my sister cut out about half of my thickness and bam, my hair was amazing and my waves/curls came back and it requires hardly any work to look good. My biggest suggestion is maybe get some highlights to ad dimension and get layers. Layers give hair volume. putting my hair back in a ponytail is a requirement for me too, but if you're hair is long you can still get nice pretty layers in it.
    And thanks for the tip on loving DC!