Monday, June 11, 2012

Post-wedding wrap up

I'm so frustrated that I haven't received my wedding pictures yet that I'm back to blogging. Technically my photographer has about 4 days left wore they're due and I know that he's been shooting a ton of weddings lately. I would send him an email and just ask for estimate on how much longer I'll be waiting, refresher my browser to see if he's posted a blog/Facebook sneak peek, but I don't want him to think in impatient and rush the editing process to make me happy. PARADOX.

So here I am. A very happily, though also very impatient, married woman. Being married is awesome. The first time Luis introduced me as his wife to a coworker I about peed my pants and couldn't stop beaming for several hours. I can honestly say I enjoyed my wedding so do much. I can't remember a day when I was happier, felt more loved, or laughed/smiled/hugged/kissed more. Seeing almost all of my friends an family together (there were a few very missed people, especially my little and her twin) made me so proud that I was surrounded by them on such an important day in my life. I literally could not believe that so many wonderful people would travel so far out of love for Luis and me.

But seriously, I was on some kind of bridal crack for my entire wedding. Being drunk on happiness is absolutely amazing. I hope brides are even half as happy as I was on my wedding day because it would still be the best day of their lives. Geez. Apparently marriage has caused me to gush. Whatever.

There are lots of fun things to talk about. One of the primary reasons why I stopped blogging (behind a significant lack of time) was that I was our guests to be surprised. I didn't want them to know about the candy bar or awesome seating system I used. The open bar, programs, and awesome monogram at the alter also needed to be kept under wraps. I DEFINITELY didn't want to share information about my dress (purchased online) or my hair.

I promise as soon as I get those pictures back I'll get the how to's, recaps, and play-by-plays started. And even though it was THE BEST DAY EVER there are a few SNAFUS to cover as well. Highlights include a sliding cake, stumble in the aisle, and forgotten items.... Like the groom's pants.

Buckle up and get excited! Also, was wait patiently and pray my photographer has some free time an is inspired to spend it editing.

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