Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Walking Dead

Yeah I was going to write a blog post tonight, but then I found a website that's live streaming the new episode of the Walking Dead.  I. Love. Technology.

Here's a list of TV shows I watch:

-The Walking Dead Watch it.  Terrifyingly great.  You'll become obsessed despite the nightmares.

-Downton Abbey Both seasons in one week.  Can you say addict?

-Teen Mom (2)  I know you're judging

-Grey's Anatomy  Yeah, I still watch this.

-30 Rock Funniest Show on TV.  If you don't agree, we're not really friends.

-Modern Family  I just got into this so I'm catching up.  Second funniest show on TV

-Nurse Jackie Black humor awesomeness

-Weeds Will this show ever end?  I just want to know if you-know-what happened to you-know-who

-Mad Man  I'm struggling to get through the boring seasons.  

-Game of Thrones  It's so nerdy and awesome. 

I rarely actually watch any of the shows when they air.  DVR, iTunes, and etc. are my enablers.

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