Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The hunt.

I should tell you that I have recently developed a serious shoe addiction.  Most girls have a focused addiction: heels, flip flops, running shoes.  Me?  I love. them. all.  I don't buy indiscriminately.  Instead, I enjoy the chase - the hunt if you will.  On sale? Great!  Back of the clearance rack?  Even better!  Didn't fit, can't be returned, and now its being sold on eBay?  My favorite!  

I recently decided that I wanted a pair of Frye boots.  For those unfamiliar, Frye boots have been around almost forever and are incredibly cute.... and expensive.  Because my bank account is filled with cobwebs fairly small, I stalked eBay, etsy, and a few local antique and thrift stores for the perfect boots: cowboy-esque, brown, stacked wooden heels.  A few months of near daily searching passed and eventually I became the proud owner of these: 
Image via eBay.com
Gorgeous, right?!  Too bad it's still too warm to wear them.  I can't wait to run around town in them, sipping a pumpkin spice latte and enjoying the crisp fall air.

Now that I have my boots for this fall, I have refocused my efforts on wedding shoes.  You know, the most important shoes you will ever wear... that no one will ever really see.... that most brides ditch for sandals, flats, or their bare feet?  Yeah, those.  I am DETERMINED not to ditch my shoes.  I think days and days of wearing heels during sorority recruitment killed any nerves in my feet, so I'm relatively comfortable in very high heels for long periods of time.  Plus, Luis is at least 6'4 so it's nice when the difference in our heights is comfortably less than a full foot.  It may be self indulgent, but my feelings about wedding dresses go for wedding shoes too - this is the only time you get to dress like a princess/movie star/goddess/gorgeous woman that you are, so take advantage of it!  For me, this means sparkly wedding shoes.  

Not these:

Something like this!
Steve Madden, Image via Zappos.com

Or this!
Steve Madden, Image via Zappos.com

Or this!
Betset Johnson, Image via Zappos.com
The Betsey Johnson shoes (they're called "Tastty-G") are probably my favorites - but I don't know if they are my favorite wedding shoes.  I am worried that they aren't sparkly enough though.  The pink Steve Maddens really have that PUNCH I'm looking for, but our wedding colors are green and purple - so they could end up clashing.  The silver shoes are the most "bridal" and I love the peep toe.  

What do y'all think?  

BTW - All of the above shoes can be paid for with my limited, cobweb-covered cash.  This is not a hypothetical situation.  So you are obligated by reading this to help me.

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