Thursday, September 15, 2011


My four loyal readers may have noticed that my blog has been going through some changes.  (Does that David Bowie song make anyone else want to sing into their hairbrush/shampoo bottle? No? Just me? Okay...)  Since I lack most basic computer skills my lovely sister/Maid of Honor (MOH)/best friend in the whooooole wide world, Lauren aka "Fatty," has kindly been playing around with my blog design in order to make it much better than whatever the hell I picked before gorgeous.

Without further ado here she is:

Lauren is awesome for many reasons.  I will list a few of them for you here*:
  1. SHE'S A GATORRRRR!!!!!!!  (Just like me!)  Not ALL Gators are awesome, but pretty damn close to all of us.  And definitely more than whatever school you went to.  (Please see above.)
  2. She is an excellent cuddler.  Baby Finley even crawled into a hammock to get some of her lovin'.  (Though if she falls asleep there's a good chance she'll kick you in the face.)                                    
  3. Fatty lovesssss Disney.  She's always game for a quick trip to at least Downtown Disney if we're in Orlando.                                                                                                                                        
  4.  Lauren is super nice.  Wayyy nicer than me.  I'm talking give-you-the-shirt-off-her-back-share-her-ice-cream-rub-your-back-when-you're-sad nice.  Jealous that I get to be her sister and you don't?  Damn right. 
  5. She's an expert in the Bill-Paxton-Captain-Morgan-stance.  Add will also wear funny hats for pictures.  (See above photo for more proof.) AKA She's hilarious AND confident.               
  6. She can't really cook, but she's definitely improving.  Generally we just eat a lot of Moe's together.  or Five Star Pizza.
  7. She named a newborn puppy "Nugget" and then forced him to live.  He really didn't have a choice even though he was the runt of the litter and abandoned by his mom at a week old.  She'd do that for you if you needed it too.
Little Baby Nugget

And there's seven (lucky) reasons why she's the best sister/Maid of Honor (MOH)/best friend.  Read it and weep, people.  Read it and weep.

*These reasons are in no particular order and have not been scientifically proven to be contributing factors to awesomeness.  Just because you also may possess these qualities does not mean you are as awesome as Fatty.

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