Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wish you were here...

Luis and I haven't lived in the same town since high school.

Yeah.... Go ahead.  If I heard a couple was getting married without living in the same town in 6 years I'd be judge-y too. 

When we started dating, I was attending the fantastic, championship winning University of Florida in Gainesville, Fl.  Luis was a Knight at the University of Central Florida about two hours away in Orlando. This wasn't a terrible distance - considering when we first started really talking/dating/whatever I immediately left to study abroad in Spain for 5 months.  (6 hours time distance + crappy stolen wifi = handwritten letters and a lot of AIM)  

So we spent over a year of long distance Orlando-Gainesville and then the distanced lengthened to Palm Bay, Fl - Gainesville (3+ hours) then Palm Pay - Stafford (15 hrs or a plane ride) then Georgia - Stafford (plane ride necessary.)  This. has. been. awful.

I've felt like this a lot during the last three years:

But I think we've handle it really well.  There have definitely been arguments and miscommunications and hurt feelings I don't think would have happened if we lived close together.  Despite the bumps in the road, I think starting off with a long distance relationship has definitely had its benefits too.

Because I'm a type-A control freak here is a list:

  • We are excellent communicators (most of the time.)  When you're 2348239 miles apart, all you can do is talk.  Sometime's you're just too tired for a long phone call though.  Just tell your SO (significant others for all you non-weddingbee readers) and don't fall asleep on the phone like Luis did last night.  Haha, love you babe.
  • I know we travel well together.  This was extremely important to me and I'm glad to see that he's ok with the fact that I like to either over or under plan for vacations to the extreme.  
  • We trust each other.  100%.  Totally.  We'd have to or we'd both be jealous A-holes all the time.  
  • We appreciate the time we have with each other just that much more.  While this probably won't last very long after we move in together, I can attest to the fact that distance makes the heart grow much much fonder.  
  • We can share a small space for a very long time without killing each other.  Think bedrooms of college apartments, hotels, and tiny bathrooms.  No personal space? No problem.  We can create it if we need it, but we're usually just fine :)  (Also... most girls will know about the problem of sharing one TINY cruise ship/hotel bathroom with their fiance/bathroom.  for over week.  You've got to *ahem* go sometime, and he may have to be in the room next door.  Boys probably don't care that much.  I think.  Whatevs.  Everybody poops.)
  • We were forced to make each other our #1 priority.  We made decisions together based on our needs as a couple.  He worked his butt off to find a great job in DC so I could live near my family.  I don't use my favorite shampoo because he hates the smell of coconut.  (I'll think of something better eventually.)
I may not know some of the day to day things about him, but I've got the big things (and a lot of the small things) down.  And I love him tons.  It'll take work, but I'm sure it will be worth it.  

omg I said poop on my blog. bahaha oh well.  

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