Friday, September 9, 2011


I've been slacking on the wedding planning lately.  I'm in a terribly awkward stage between planning and doing which has made me LAZY.

Me in all my lazy glory:
Photo taken of me last week.

 I've purchased invitations, picked and purchased bridesmaid dresses, figured out where our flowers and candy bar supplies are coming from, put a deposit on a venue, worked on the guest list, and a zillion other things.  We haven't figured out a few big things (like a photographer, ugh) but I feel like most of the items on "To Do" List are going to require storage, lots of DIY, Luis to be home, etc.  I feel useless and a little overwhelmed.  My goal for the next week is to create a calendar and excel spreadsheet of projects, deadlines, and events.  I think it will help me to visualize what is going on and give me some control.  Once Luis gets back from training it will be wonderful to have help and support - and instantly have his answer/opinion instead of having to take videos/pictures/copious notes and have to go over it all with him via the phone/internet.

***Left to get a snack, feeling proud of myself.***

***Came back to realize I screwed up registering for classes and may have to take one in the Spring and that I have to graduate next May regardless. Grrrr.  All happy-productivity-goal setting energy is gone.***

Whatever.  I'll give myself a few more days of wedding non-productivity (catch up on school) and start in on that list again.  Instead of a slacker I can now be categorized as a "procrastinator" but at least that means I've established some kind of deadline and goal, right?

Me in my procrastinating circle of shame:

This is an actual picture of me right now.  I'm about to finish my dinosaur picture.

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