Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blinded by the lightttttt or "The One where Luis is Introduced"

That song is stuck in head like that's its job.  It's all I can think about as I emerge from under the pile of school books and half written paper.  I'm enjoying the fresh air and sunshine (and blogging) before I try to finish tackling that pile.  I think I've finally gone through the seven stages of grief over my lost blog post (as well as that crazy earthquake... but that's another post entirely) to try and (re)introduce you to my wonderful fiance.

Yes, that handsome man is my future husband.  Also, yes, I am wearing high heels in this photo.   

    So what do you need to know about Luis?  He's incredibly tall kind, funny, and just so smart.  Here's a little bio that I kindly filled out for him since he is filling our our mortgage lender application for me:

Name: Luis
Favorite Color: Blue
Born: Washington state
Hometown: Not applicable
High School: Key West High School
Loves: Me, almonds, the UCF Knights, tigers, nerdy books, salmon cooked on the grill, soccer, ESPN in HD, "that soup I make," math, Korean food, Puerto Rican rum
Hates: Anything that smells or tastes like coconut
Favorite Activity: Hanging out with his crazy wonderful fiance (aka ME) or playing a sport or paintballing with his best friends
Preferred honeymoon spot: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

How'd we meet?  I thought you'd never ask!  But if you're expecting love at first sight... I suggest you visit another blog... 
I've known Luis since my junior year in high school. Kind of.  We were both on the varsity basketball teams at KWHS, but we didn't really know each other despite spending hours in the same gym or on the same bus to Miami for games.  I did know his brother through my best friend Sean and often gave his youngest brother a ride home from school because we lived on the same military base.  It wasn't until college when he lived with Sean for a year (or two... I don't know) that we really got to know each other.  At the time I didn't want a boyfriend and he had a girlfriend so we were just friends and occasional beer pong partners.  Obviously my platonic feelings did not last... nor did his relationship with his girlfriend.  I hadn't spoken to or seen Luis in a while - I knew I had developed feelings for him and did not really relish the idea of seeing him and his girlfriend together.  A few months after their break-up we began talking again, almost daily.  I was excited, but was also leaving to spend a long semester in Spain.  Before I left he visited me twice - and I was absolutely hooked.  We continued to talk everyday I was abroad and he sent me letters and a Valentine's Day gift.  I just referred to him as my boyfriend because it was too hard to explain international dating.  This time apart was incredibly difficult, but I know it has given our relationship a solid foundation based on communication, trust, and friendship.  The summer after I came home we officially started dating and haven't looked back!

Omg.  My computer froze again while writing this post (maybe its jealous of how much I love Luis?) but this time I didn't suffer from a blonde moment and was able to figure out where all the saved posts go. AKA I didn't have rewrite this whole thing because it was in blog post limbo.  oh well.  Also, all photos are personal.  Whatevs, I hope you enjoyed Luis's introduction to the blogosphere!

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