Thursday, November 3, 2011

I live under a rock.

It's true.  I have zero life right now.  The most sleep I've had in the last week?  3.5 hours in one night.  The number of papers I've written? 4.

This is an actual photo of me.  

Seven more weeks until I'm done with classes forever!  Then all that will stand between me and graduation is a 2 week seminar.  And then a week after graduation I'll be getting married!!!!! if only I could get a job before then too....
This is my actual life.  

This week in wedding news:
We are signing a contract with our photographer this week, mailing Save-the-Dates this weekend, going to our tasting next week, and hopefully Luis will be able to finally visit our venue sometime in there.  He FINALLY comes home on Monday.  He has the whole week off and I... do not.  Hopefully some of my lovely co-workers will cover a shift for me.  

***Update on my tiny 9lb baby nephew***

Junior is doing so well guys!  He has faced a lot challenges in his first week (no one want's their first airline experience to be a MediVac), but he's a little fighter.  Please keep him and his in your thoughts and prayers.  Hopefully he'll be out of the hospital in a couple weeks and I can go visit him!

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