Saturday, November 5, 2011

Amazon is Awesome.

If you don't shop at, you should.  Why you ask?  Because their customer service is. insanely. phenomenal.  Not only can you get a sweet Amazon Prime membership (most things ship super fast, for free) as a student THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR, but they are super nice.

Luis's Kindle broke (though I think the correct way to arrange those words might be "Luis broke Kindle") and no longer even turned on.  I got online, live-chatted with Jasmine (who spoke typed in English... not all that common these days) who asked me a few questions before letting me know that they'd be sending me a new Kindle.  Not only are they sending me a new Kindle, but it will be here on TUESDAY!!!  (Less formally known as the first day of "not being in a long distance relationship" for Luis and me!)


Thank you Amazon! 

This blog is not, nor ever will it be, popular enough to have sponsors.  This is straight from my heart y'all.

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