Thursday, December 8, 2011

Delay due to Harry Potter

This is super old.  and I'm not sure why I never posted it.  This has the best picture of my sister and me since we were in keds and biking shorts.  Enjoy.

To my four readers:
I'm sorry for the serious lack of blogging.  I had to take a semi-imprompto ( <-- is that even close to how you actually spell that word?!) trip to Florida to pick up the last of my crap/furniture and visit my fictional boyfriend, Harry Potter.  Lauren and I spent all of Wednesday at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Orlando thanks to the sweet annual passes we splurged for last October during my mom's birthday weekend extravaganza.  It was heavenly - we rode only the rides we love (The Mummy, Men in Black, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, etc.) and taking AWESOME photos like the one below.

Thank you to the sweet British tourists for taking this awesome (personal) photo for us.... and making the Harry Potter section of the park THAT much more realistic.  
Seriously, if you can send me a better family-at-a-theme-park-photo, I'll send a virtual high five your way.
After packing my car to the gills I headed back to Virginia... crying for a solid half hour and then sporadically after that for the 11 hour drive.  I did not enjoy leaving my sister, my friends, or the town that was my home for almost five years (almost longer than anywhere else!) 

I'm back to WeddingWorld and being suffocated by the pile of unaddressed Save-the-Dates that arrived while I was away.  I have been anxious to get these out to people, but mostly because I want to share some of the great photos my (super)mom took after our photographer failed to show up... but that's a story for another day post.  Enjoy a few (personal) engagement shoot bloopers while you wait...

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